Since the launch of their first pieces which have cork as a starting base, the Venezuelan “Dorotea” brand has been positioned in the best showcases of the local fashion talent and, of course, are part of the outfit of the most sophisticated Venezuelan woman all around the country . This year, Dorothy experimented by exporting their original and unique blend of semi-precious stones, rhinestones and cork to one of the major international fashion platforms: “The 2014 Miami Fashion Week “.

After carefully selecting 50 of the emerging designers from around the world, Dorothy was chosen to present their latest creations at the Pop -Up Boutique of the recognized gateway which took place between the 15th and 18th of May at the Miami Beach Convention Center. “The experience in this event made ​​us grow as a brand by exposing our products to the American market. We say this because we showed our work to a large number of people which are linked to the this environment of fashion and art without forgetting the rest of the people who just went to see something different.” says Jessica De Freitas, designer Dorotea.

Melao is a brand of Venezuelan clothing which was born in November 2011, giving us some idea of the taste and lifestyle of the woman and their daily life.

For their new collection, “Cafeteo”, they want to show and involve the coffee with the “Melao” concept . They want to show their versatility, elegance and sensuality by creating a woman time. By saying this we mean a time of inspiration where woman activate and start their day by enjoying a recreational time where they can enjoy themselves.

With this new collection is born the alliance between the two brands of “Dorotea” and  “Melao” where they complement the outfit of the Venezuelan woman.

This new collection, Dorotea was inspired with geometric forms. These forms were simple but very sophisticated with some dashes of gold to give a special shine to each piece. This shows the actual woman which is very feminine and elegant.