In this July, the Venezuelan brand Dorotea toured where media were invited to talk about their pieces and their new collection.

Present at the station 99.9 (Exitos FM), in the “Caleidoscopio” of Titina Penzini program and also in the transmitter 10.7.9 FM (Onda La Superestación), on “Rebeca en Onda” journalist Rebeca Moreno, where he found her journalist Gianfranco Berardinelli.

And finally they attended the TV show “And what’s new” Channel i.

In the month of May 2015, the Venezuelan talent brand Dorotea was invited to a media tour in Miami to talk about their pieces and what new they bring in their next collection.

Present at the TV show “Chic Magazine” Venezuelan TV channel and “This is what you get” of Radio Caracol.